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I worked evening shift last night (until 11.30p), and I had to be in again this morning (7a), which in itself pisses me off. However, last night, a patient roughly equivalent to 3 of me went on a rampage, so I am particularly in a crummy mood. He punched another patient in the face for kicking his chair, and when Martin tired to redirct him, he spit on Martin and dove for him. I was on a co at the time and when I heard the tussel I ran out to find the patient on top of Martin. October and I wrestled the patient off of Martin only to have him get a hold of me. Here's the point of interest: he spit blood in my face then bit me on the arm with his bloody mouth. Then he tried to bite October before he suddenly realized that his mouth hurt and stopped so that he could start crying. By the end of it, Martin's shirt was nearly ripped off, October has a bruise on her check, and I had to take a trip to the ED so they could start blood exposure protocalls. Super fun. I freaked out a little for the first 10 minutes after I realized that had gotten someone elses blood in my mouth, but I am okay now (in Caitlyn terms), it was a good fight which somewhat makes up for it. I'm more pissed that it is not quite 7am and I am awake. Fuck that.

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It looks like the family farm is going to be sold. Apparently this has no meaning to anyone who did not grow up on a farm, but it's pretty much breaking my heart. For over one hundred years my family has worked that land. It's always been a grounding point for me. I always thought that I would eventually buy it from my grandmother and rework it into an organic farm. Instead it's probably going to be bought by some random person who is going to develop it and a little more of the world will suck.

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I'm trying to write a paper that is due for class tomorrow. It's a little tricksy, so I am actually just finally uploading Nepal/Limerick/Dublin/Amsterdam pics. It is making my heart a little lonely for Nepal and my Tibetan family.

I have decided to apply to teach for america, and I was just wondering if anyone out in lj world knew of anyone who had done this. I'm pretty sure that it is what I want, but I would like to know what people who have been through it say about it. Aside from that, I just registered for my last semester as an undergrad.
over and out.

please pass this on!

I arranged it so that my last day at Ryan's would be the day of the Halloween party which is doubling this year as "Patty's 5 years of remission benefit for the Susan Komen foundation."
Here are the details:

Patty (a bartender at Ryan's) is celebrating her 5 years free of cancer by raising money for the Susan B. Komen Foundation. There will be raffles, karaoke, and a costume contest.

The date is October 26th, karaoke starts at 9.30 as usual.
Wear a costume.

Ryan's pub is on the corner of Forbes and Braddock-can't miss it.

Pass this on as much as possible, because the majority of the regulars at Ryan's won't even spring for tip. This means a lot to Patty and we want to see her handing over a nice fat wad of cash to the foundation.

I'll be there until about midnight because my new job at Western Psych starts the next morning at 8, but if I can facilitate people getting there in any way let me know.


I just got the job at Western Psych!

And this is just a side note:
U.S. Paramedics Earn Less than Typical UPS Driver
Journal of Emergency Medical Services releases annual EMS Salary Survey

San Diego, October 7, 2008 … The Journal of Emergency Medical Services (JEMS), published by Elsevier Public Safety (a division of Elsevier Inc.), today released its annual “EMS Salary & Workplace Survey” in the October issue of the publication.

For more than 25 years, JEMS has been surveying EMS agencies from across the U.S. about workplace issues. The survey’s findings are in tandem with the findings from the 2008 report EMS Workforce for the 21st Century: A National Assessment, which was conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Health Resources and Services Administration’s EMS for Children program.

Key findings of the JEMS annual survey include:

* Paramedics make less than a typical UPS driver Paramedics earning in the 90th percentile ($45,598.77) still make less than a typical driver for United Parcel Services ($58,240). The market range for Paramedics is $32,909.29 to $41,809.34. The market range for EMT salaries is $25,196.99 to $33,229.80.
* EMS workforce is not diverse Almost two-thirds of organizations don’t feel the diversity of their workforce mirrors that of the community it serves.
* Length of shifts a concern A 24-hour shift is the most common shift length in use, raising concerns about safety. Just under a third of respondents have no self-imposed policy restricting consecutive hours worked by an employee. Of those that do, the reported mean maximum allowable hours was 40, or the average citizen’s full workweek.
* EMS workers have no input to change workplace satisfaction Almost two-thirds (62.5%) of organizations don’t survey their workforce to help the leadership identify factors of a satisfying workplace.

Finally, the survey highlights that employee turnover remains low:

* Employee attrition at a three-year low The attrition rate for EMS full-time employees is 11.4%, almost four points below last year and the lowest in the past three years. It’s also significantly lower than the national average.

Survey highlights opportunities for change

“The data all point to opportunities for change,” says author David M. Williams, MS, senior associate at the emergency services consulting firm Fitch & Associates. Williams, a member of the JEMS editorial board and an adjunct professor at The George Washington University School of Medicine, is a doctoral candidate completing his dissertation on the obstacles of patient-centered EMS system design. “The key is EMS leaders breaking from tradition, culture, self-restriction and one-foot obstacles to making customer-focused improvements and, at the same time, improving the satisfaction and safety of the EMS workforce.”

Recommendations address inequities

JEMS Editor-in-Chief A.J. Heightman comments, ”JEMS is well-known for not only highlighting the issues in EMS, but also suggesting potential solutions. Based on the survey’s findings, we’ve put together several solutions to address the inequities found in the survey.”

Heightman’s recommendations include:

* Realign existing pay scales to more closely equate to compensation based on training depth and experience;
* Follow the successful pay and benefit packages offered by similar public safety and service agencies;
* Develop off-peak contracts with agencies and medical facilities to share personnel and maximize their utilization;
* Integrate retirement packages into EMS positions to offer light at the end of the career tunnel;
* Offer incentive bonuses for candidate referrals and the achievement of additional degrees and certifications;
* Use tuition reimbursement as both entry and advancement incentives;
* Reimburse child care expenses to augment daytime staffing shortages and dual parent employment needs;
* Develop a more expansive career path for EMS personnel, such as patient assessment and ALPH response cars, critical care and advanced practice paramedics, and research and quality assessment specialists.

Nick leaves us soon

Nick leaves on the 19th for another year in Japan. Does October 11th work for eveyone to have a going away party for him? He has even suggested that he would be up for going to a get a tattoo for real this time, so group inking is one possible activity. Since we would all be together we could even plan to include birthday fesivities for Mando's upcoming aging. What does everyone think? Good date? Ideas for crap to do? Gbg or Pgh? Nick might want to hit the town, so should we make overnight at a central location an option?

hey gbg kids

The movie we had talked about seeing stops playing on Wednesday, so Jim downloaded it so we can watch it whenever. I was thinking maybe we can have a little dinner party at my house and watch it. It's been a while since we had a thu event with the whole family, so can everyone post their availability for the next couple of weeks. Does Mike still read these? Will Rachael be home anytime, or at least free so that she can be fetched? I know Amanda doesn't read these, so I will let her know. Commence planning: