March 1st, 2009

(no subject)

I worked evening shift last night (until 11.30p), and I had to be in again this morning (7a), which in itself pisses me off. However, last night, a patient roughly equivalent to 3 of me went on a rampage, so I am particularly in a crummy mood. He punched another patient in the face for kicking his chair, and when Martin tired to redirct him, he spit on Martin and dove for him. I was on a co at the time and when I heard the tussel I ran out to find the patient on top of Martin. October and I wrestled the patient off of Martin only to have him get a hold of me. Here's the point of interest: he spit blood in my face then bit me on the arm with his bloody mouth. Then he tried to bite October before he suddenly realized that his mouth hurt and stopped so that he could start crying. By the end of it, Martin's shirt was nearly ripped off, October has a bruise on her check, and I had to take a trip to the ED so they could start blood exposure protocalls. Super fun. I freaked out a little for the first 10 minutes after I realized that had gotten someone elses blood in my mouth, but I am okay now (in Caitlyn terms), it was a good fight which somewhat makes up for it. I'm more pissed that it is not quite 7am and I am awake. Fuck that.