draw_in_yellow (draw_in_yellow) wrote,

hey gbg kids

The movie we had talked about seeing stops playing on Wednesday, so Jim downloaded it so we can watch it whenever. I was thinking maybe we can have a little dinner party at my house and watch it. It's been a while since we had a thu event with the whole family, so can everyone post their availability for the next couple of weeks. Does Mike still read these? Will Rachael be home anytime, or at least free so that she can be fetched? I know Amanda doesn't read these, so I will let her know. Commence planning:

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    In typical caitlyn fashion: I would like to firebomb.

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    I worked evening shift last night (until 11.30p), and I had to be in again this morning (7a), which in itself pisses me off. However, last night, a…

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    It looks like the family farm is going to be sold. Apparently this has no meaning to anyone who did not grow up on a farm, but it's pretty much…

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