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please pass this on!

I arranged it so that my last day at Ryan's would be the day of the Halloween party which is doubling this year as "Patty's 5 years of remission benefit for the Susan Komen foundation."
Here are the details:

Patty (a bartender at Ryan's) is celebrating her 5 years free of cancer by raising money for the Susan B. Komen Foundation. There will be raffles, karaoke, and a costume contest.

The date is October 26th, karaoke starts at 9.30 as usual.
Wear a costume.

Ryan's pub is on the corner of Forbes and Braddock-can't miss it.

Pass this on as much as possible, because the majority of the regulars at Ryan's won't even spring for tip. This means a lot to Patty and we want to see her handing over a nice fat wad of cash to the foundation.

I'll be there until about midnight because my new job at Western Psych starts the next morning at 8, but if I can facilitate people getting there in any way let me know.

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