draw_in_yellow (draw_in_yellow) wrote,

It looks like the family farm is going to be sold. Apparently this has no meaning to anyone who did not grow up on a farm, but it's pretty much breaking my heart. For over one hundred years my family has worked that land. It's always been a grounding point for me. I always thought that I would eventually buy it from my grandmother and rework it into an organic farm. Instead it's probably going to be bought by some random person who is going to develop it and a little more of the world will suck.

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    In typical caitlyn fashion: I would like to firebomb.

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    I worked evening shift last night (until 11.30p), and I had to be in again this morning (7a), which in itself pisses me off. However, last night, a…

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    Why is it that god always pops by and ruins a perfectly good argument?

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