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I'm currently sitting in Brenna's dorm room waiting for her to get out of class. I have the weekend off since the head chef at legume is on vacation so I figured I'd go visiting. Boston is all concrete. I'm not a fan.

School has started again. My birthday was on Wednesday, but I had a bunch of homework so I had dinner with my family then went back to studying. I have an interview for a job as a student nurse's assistant on the same floor of WPIC as Mando works, so I'm pretty psyched =) If I get the job I'm going to quit at Legume and Ryan's so that I can be available anytime that I'm not in class.

I guess that's about all that's going on with me. I think I'm going to clean up Brenna's part of the room a little now, because it's bugging me.

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I am waiting to hear back about three different hospital jobs, but for now, I am working 7 days a week in the food service business. How funny is it that I spent 4 months assisting in procedures on rotting body parts only to come home and spend my nights helping people get fat? I have more experience than your average med student and I'm still having trouble getting a job doing what I want. Fuck you economy.

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I finally get a free day, and end up having to scrap the rest of the night to burying my grandmother's 18 year old poodle. So for those of you I didn't get back to last night, blame my luck.

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So here is a question for Jim since he seems to know these things:
When I first moved into the house that I just moved out of I had assumed that carpeting was very old as there was no padding under it and there were many stains. However my landlord has just informed the other house
mate and I that she expects us to replace the carpet. The year before I moved in, my house mate had had up to 6 people living in the house at one time. Every neighbor that I've talked to has told me about the wild parties that they would have and how there were always people in and out. One can assume that this is when the carpet became so worn, but the lady who was taking care of inspecting the house to see who got their deposit back automatically gave everyone their deposit at the end of the lease, and when she was at the house last month she still said the house looked fine. That lady has since told my landlord that she didn't want to take care of things anymore, so my landlord flew out from California to inspect the house after us. I think my house mate is worried that he is going to get stuck paying it all since he is the only one still around from the year when the damage was done, so he is trying to blame the dog who lived at the house for about 5 months. The dog at the most piddled on the carpet and certainly couldn't have been responsible for the the entire carpet being flattened.
Is my landlord able to force me to pay for all new carpet? Does anyone know? I'm in a little bit of a panic.

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I started two new jobs in the last week. One is washing dishes at legume and the other is being a server at ryan's pub. I realized that I've had enough of watching people die for a little while, so I decided to find jobs that require basically nothing out of me- no thinking, no need for exceptional customer service, no listening to people complain about their lives, no amputations, no risk of infection...

I'm working on moving to the new house, but since going outside is still something I'm trying to avoid, I've only taken one bug sized load to the new place and most everything else is just sitting in boxes around the house.

Tonight is my first closing shift at ryan's and since I'm already tired, I think I'm going to take a cat nap for a couple hours.


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I'm not adjusting well. I keep having panic attacks. Everything feels wrong. I came home feeling so different, but now everything just feels rushed and I can't keep up. I found a house and I'm washing dishes for a restaurant to supplement my income until I find another job.

My landlord's sister keeps coming into the house to snoop around. She came when I was at Brenna's graduation and took pictures all around the house. She ignored Nigel when he said that my room was off limits when I'm not home and took pictures of all my stuff and made comments about how I live based on my being half unpacked and disorganized after having gotten home after 4 months of being away just two days prior. I don't know what that was all about.

My new house has a bullet hole in the front window, but the rent is low enough that I can live there alone so I'm ok with it.

I almost moved in with Young Mike, but then I went over to the place he is living now and saw what a mess Jim's house is now compared to when Jonah lived there. I started panicking and told had to leave after being there for a few minutes. I went home and I thought it over a lot and decided that I would rather have him hate me for backing out on him than be stuck living with him for a year and starting to hate each other that way. I payed him his part of the money that we had put down on a place and just told him that I found a better situation.

I think I need to go back on my medication. Why is it that I can deal with dying people for months on my own without freaking out, yet coming back to a place where I have electricity for 24 hours a day and won't die from drinking the water has me feeling like I would like to drink some water and curl up and die?


I'm home, but now that the wormies are gone, I have a sinus infection and the pain that I've been having in my kidneys is a UTI according to my doctor. I'm a little under the weather. Brenna's graduation is tonight, so I will be heading in to Gbg in a few hours and hopefully will hang out with a few people before I have to go the school. I had wanted to go see Rachael soon, but what with the frequent urination and the price of gas, I might have to postpone that.

I may have found a new place to live already. It's a little deeper into Wilkinsburg, but the landlord ok'ed the cats and dog and it's the first floor of a very old Victorian home and it's just gorgeous. It being the first floor of a house, the rooms are huge because they weren't built to be bedrooms, so I have a nice size kitchen and bathroom, plus two huge rooms for a bed room and music room. The only problem with the house is that there really isn't a back yard, but the landlord told me that he was working on buying the house next door which has a little land and he would be willing to let me use that space for a bigger garden. I think I'm just going to call him today and tell him that I will take it. That will just be one less thing that I have to worry about, because this whole coming home thing really has me in a panic.

Blah, I feel like shit, but it is time to get up and get moving. I know I have a month to leave, but the landlord keeps sending her sister over to snoop around and when she was here for the showing of the house on Sunday, Nigel said that she made nasty comments about me because my room wasn't cleaned up...hello, I was out of the country for 4 months and didn't expect my home to be being shown to strangers in my absence, so yeah, my bed sheets are all in a pile on my bed and I have a load of laundry on the floor, because I didn't have time to put everything away before I left...but it's still my house so what is it any of her business as long as everything is taken care of come the 1st?

Nigel also told me that she made a comment about making us all pay for the ceiling that Imani destroyed, but he reminded her that if that's the case, he's just going to walk away without the deposit and not clean or fix a thing. A few hours after the sister left, he got a call from the landlord saying that she was going to go after just Imani for the money to fix the ceiling. Really there isn't much that needs fixed though. We are going to have someone clean the floors because the dumb bitch put down white carpet, we already fixed the finish on a door that had gotten scratched, and we need to put down one of those strips of metal that go between carpeting and wood floor because the carpeting over one of the doorways looks kind of ratty. Other than that it's just general cleaning stuff that we would be doing anyway.

Does anyone have any suggestions for what I can do with my compost bin. I need one for my new house, but how do I take this one when there is stuff still composting in it?

Hopefully see some of you in a couple of hours.

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I will be home on Sunday.
My landlord has threatened to have someone else sign the lease out from under me if I can't sign by the first...I won't be home until 11.30pm on the first, so I'm pretty sure I'm losing my house.
I don't really get it, because I told her that I have people stopping over on the 2nd to check the place out, but apparently that one day is too long for her to wait. My current lease isn't up until the first day of July, so I really don't understand why this needs to be done now when I have told her that I don't want to move.

Anyway, I just had to put that out there, and now I'm going to ignore it until I get home. Who is up for a get together on the second?
love you all.

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In house news:
Young Mike of co-op fame has expressed interest, but we would still need a third person to sign with us. So I'm still in the market if anyone is looking/knows anyone looking for a place to live.

In Nepal news:
I leave Nepal to begin the second leg of my journey on Saturday. I've been inches away from tears for the last couple of days. The Tibetan family that took me in really feels like family to me. This country really feels like home. All the colors and celebrations and ritual have become second nature to me in the time I have been here. Ama-la took us to a beautiful village outside the city today where we could see the mountains. We had dal bhat as usual for lunch, but this time we ate with our hands in typical Nepali fashion. Tonight, we are having a girls night out and all going to Thamel dressed in traditional Tibetan dresses (chupas). I really wish you all could experience this place. There's really no way to explain how it has changed my thought process, you really just have to see it for yourself. Miki and I are already planning to come back as soon as we can afford to. I really feel like adjusting to "normal" life again is going harder than living in the third world has been.

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I have to make this quick because I'm on my way to a hunger strike for the tibetans.

If I don't find two people to sign the lease to my house in the next week or so then I have to move out.
If anyone can help me out here, i would very much appreciate it.
I can give more details when I get back in a couple days.